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Daikon (DI-kon): Large, white Asian radish with sweet, fresh flavor.

De-alcoholized wine: Like wines containing alcohol, de-alcoholized wine is produced from varital grapes, but the alcohol produced during fermentation and aging is removed prior to bottling.

Dijon mustard (dee-ZHOHN): French-style smooth mustard made with mustard seed, white wine and seasonings. Known for its clean, sharp taste. Pommery is French country-style, whole-grain mustard.

Dulse: A flavorful, purple sea vegetable with a nutlike taste.

Dutch-process cocoa powder: Cocoa powder that has been treated with an alkali, which helps neutralize cocoa's natural acidity. Untreated cocoa powder works well for baking; but for hot chocolate and sauces, Dutch-process cocoa offers superior flavor.


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