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Vegan (vee-gan): one who uses no animal-source food or clothing: no flesh, fish, fowl, eggs, milk/dairy items, animal gelatin, honey, etc;  no leather, wool, fur, silk, etc.  An associate of mine, Miki, states a  vegan is someone who TRIES to live their lives without using animal products. I say TRIES because, sorry folks, you really CAN'T be entirely vegan! Sure, it's easy enough to give up eating meat and dairy and wearing leather, but there are SO MANY hidden animal products, you can't live a life completely free of them! For example, you switch from leather shoes to non-leather... but are you sure that they aren't held together with animal-based glue? Also, film is made of gelatin, so in order to be ENTIRELY vegan you'd have to do more than just throw out your camera... you'd have to give up seeing movies and even give up reading books, since the pages are first printed on film... and for that matter, how do you know they're not held together with animal-based glue? :) 


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