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Wasabi (WAH-sah-bee): Japanese version of horseradish. Wasabi powder mixed with water is used to make the fiery green paste that accompanies sushi. Available in specialty markets in powder, paste and fresh forms.

Water chestnut: The edible tuber of a water plant from Southeast Asia. Fresh water chestnuts, available in Asian groceries, have a brownish-black outer covering and crisp, white, crunchy flesh. They are also available canned at most supermarkets.

Wild rice: An exotic, dark-brown grain with a nutty flavor. Usually used in combination with other grains.

Wheat germ: The vitamin, mineral, protein and oil-rich embryo of the wheat berry. It has a nutty flavor. Available toasted and in it's natural form. Refrigerate after opening.

Wheatgrass: Young greens from grain plants. Available in natural food stores, where they are often juiced as a health tonic.

Worcestershire sauce (WOOS-tuhr-shurh): Condiment developed in India by the English flavored with garlic, soy sauce, tamarind, onions, molasses, lime, anchovies, vinegar and other seasonings. Vegetarian versions are available at health food and natural foods stores.

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